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Philips Norelco 1250x-40

Philips Norelco 1250x/40 SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver Review

Price: $179

All shavers of the Philips Company can be described as innovative, made in the advanced, modern design. Smooth contours allow the razors to lie comfortably in the hand providing the most comfortable...

Braun 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System Review

Price: $193.99

The Braun Company, having once begun with production of the world's first electric shaver, is today one of the leading producers of this type of device. Its lineups have received great popularity...

Panasonic ES8103S

Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver Review

Price: $82.60

Panasonic electric shavers have long since been popular and are in steady demand among men, and this is no accident. Among the many advantages possessed by any Panasonic electric shaver, include:...

Panasonic ES8249S

Panasonic ES8249S Men’s 4-Blade Electric Shaver Review

Price: $269.99

The first grid electric shaver, as you know, was invented by the German engineer Brown in 1950. They radically differed from rotary shavers, although both shavers were working on the principle of...


Remington MS2-390 Men’s Shaver Review

Price: $69.99

Electric razor is one of the most popular devices from the large family of electric appliances. Compared with conventional safety razor electric shavers have such an advantage as the ability to...

A good shaver was always the sign of good man's taste and status. Every morning it can be a nice source of satisfaction from the quality of shaving. Best electric shavers of new generation don't concede of its efficiency to the latest models of safe ones. And indeed, they have perfect construction, which gives a person possibility to shave as smoothly as with safe razor, not using the additional tools, water and foam. Electric razor will do the job much faster than a regular one, it is practically impossible to get hurt with this device and owners are free from frequent change of blades.


In our electric razor reviews we have tested eleven models of devices to help you with a difficult choice of the best shaver.

So, during our reviews we have tested eleven different models. Convinced of their advantages over traditional safe razors it is important to know the main characteristics to which you should pay attention when buying it.

  • The type of shaver

You first need to set eyes on its design features. To date, the two major razor systems: grid and rotor.

The action of the grid system cuts the hair with vibrating blades separating it from the skin with steel grid. Grid captures the hair protecting your skin from cuts, while the blade cuts it. It is believed that grid razors less injure the skin and therefore are more suitable for men with a sensitive skin.

Rotary ones shave the stubble using the vibrating circular blades arranged in special shaving heads. The main benefit of rotary system is that it copes even with uneven stubble-growth and provides a close shave. However, the rotary shaver is not recommended for sensitive skin.

  • Number of shaving heads and their mobility


Another important fact to know when buying razor for men is the number of shaving heads and their mobility. The quality and purity of shaving highly depends on the number of heads and their mobility. Rotary razors may 

Wet and dry shaving have from two to four shaving heads and the grid shavers - from one to three. The greater the number of shaving heads, the better the shave and the more expensive unit is. The best electric razor with a floating head makes shaving more comfortable and clean, as it better follows the contours of man's face and can shave bristles even in the most difficult places.

Selecting the best electric shaver it is very important to clap eyes on the opportunity of wet and dry shaving. The advantage of these devices is that they are washable and adapted for shaving with conventional foams. After the procedure the device can be washed under running water and stored in the bathroom.

  • The presence of the trimmer
Buying the shaver, those who wear a mustache or a beard should pay attention to the presence of trimmer. Among the modern electric shavers it is widespread and can be floating, fixed, built-in and slide. Floating trimmer allows you to cut the stubble, repeating the contours of the face. Built-in trimmer implemented as an additional edge in the grid razors, shaving between the two grids. Sliding trimmer is a separate blade for the maintenance of their beards in order to trim long hair.
  • Battery or network
best-electric-shaver-2013In our shaver reviews we also pay attention to the source of energy, if the razor works from the mains or accumulator, or combines both. It is clear that the model equipped with an additional battery pack is more convenient as you can take it with you to shave in any place and under any conditions.
  • Cleaning

The last important thing to which you should pay attention in our electric shaver reviews is the cleaning of the device. If your razor allows for both dry and wet shaving, it is enough to simply rinse the head under a stream of warm or cold water. If you have a "dry" option, it has a special cleaning brush, which usually comes with a razor. Also, some models have a simple but effective turbo cleaning system. And the most advanced models have self-cleaning function. After shaving, you just set the shaver into the cleaning tank and it is automatically cleaned, disinfected, dried, and may even be charged.

To summarize which electric shaver is the best:

We highly recommend Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic which not only provides perfect shaving but also takes care of your skin. Innovative technologies and perfect ergonomics are worth paying.

We recommend Panasonic ES8249S Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) for those who want to have both wet and dry extra sharp shaving and don't think about cleaning process.

We recommend Philips Norelco 1250x/40 SensoTouch 3d for those who prefer quick and comfortable shaving without skin irritation. This modern device with good technical characteristics, perfect performance and stylish design is very pleasant to use and the result won't disappoint you.


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